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Doing tattoos – The Tattooed Way


Doing tattoos

Tattoo schools

In a previous blog post I already mentioned that tattoo artists are not a big fan of tattoo schools. This of course has several reasons. Not only will these short courses cost you a whole lot of money, they will give you the illusion that it is safe to open a tattoo shop after 2 …
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Review : Dan Kubin Sidewinder v4

About a year ago I decided, after long hesitation, to purchase a tattoo machine from Dan Kubin. I made this decision after I contacted many tattoo artists working in a similar style to mine, and many of them were working with a Dan Kubin. Loving words about, among other things, the strength, the durability and …
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A tattoo from a theoretical point

Everyone knows that a tattoo is as good as permanent, if it is not removed in drastic ways, it will remain there until your death. But how exactly does this happen? It is a question many ask, but few can answer. First of all, it is the easiest to explain where the ink is being …
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How stencils work

Especially if you have never walked into a tattoo shop before, you will probably have no idea what a stencil is, yet this is one of the most important things in the tattoo process before delivering a good tattoo. Unless the artist free hands all his designs directly on the skin of his client, a …
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The question I get asked at least once a week is: “What study did you follow to become a tattoo artist?” Although I always have my short version prepared, the learning process to become a tattoo artist is a little more complex.   First of all, there are some tattoo schools… this doesn’t mean you …
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