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Getting tattoos – Page 2 – The Tattooed Way


Getting tattoos

Tattoo conventions

Certainly during the summer period there are tattoo conventions in each country every week. If you want to have a tattoo, but you can’t seem find a suitable artist in your neighborhood for the project you have in mind, these conventions are the perfect opportunity. Each fair has 50 to 600 or more tattoo artists, …
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Tattoo blowouts

Is there a bluish haze around your tattoo, even though it is completely healed? Then you probably have a blowout. Blowouts are caused by ink that starts migrating from where it is supposed to be to surrounding skin space. First and foremost a word of explanation about what a blowout looks like. Certainly at the …
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Tattoo trends

We all know someone who walks around with a ridiculous tattoo and usually regrets it. Besides names of exes and childish subjects, it often concerns trends of a certain period that are now completely out of fashion. In the nineties, tattoo trends were often very exuberant, I am talking about the tribals, barbed wire bands …
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Wounds in new tattoos

The healing of a tattoo takes at least 2 weeks on an average base. After these 2 weeks, the top layers of the skin have been healed, it may be that if you are a slow healer, your lower skin layers will need a little longer. However, a lot can go wrong during these 2 …
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Why do people take tattoos?

In the past, tattoos were mostly associated with gang members, criminals and pirates, but nowadays people of all ages and professions have tattoos. Tattoos are becoming more common and the threshold to get one gets lower. For people without tattoos it is not always clear why we voluntarily let ourselves suffer for a tattoo that …
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10 tips for your first tattoo

When you are going for your first tattoo, you take a deep dive into the unknown, with no clue what to expect. That is why I have some tips for you to help you a little. In any case, if you have questions before you get your first tattoo, always approach your own tattoo artist, …
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Tattooing scars

One of the many reasons for people to get tattoos, are scars. Often there are emotional memories attached to the scar and they want to see it covered as soon as possible. Not all scars will disappear over the years and therefore a tattoo is often the only solution to cover them forever. However, it …
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Drugs, Alcohol & Medication

Drugs, alcohol and medication are always disapproved when you want to have a new tattoo. If it isn’t advised to leave these things when making the appointment, it will most likely hanging somewhere in the shop, on their website or in their information brochure. At first sight you would think that this is because nobody …
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Appropriate clothing

One of the things I find highly annoying as a tattoo artist is when people do not care or think about taking precautions in the clothing they are wearing. Several times I have already experienced that someone arrives in a closed collar t shirt, knowing that we would start on a chest piece. Then to …
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