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Getting tattoos – The Tattooed Way


Getting tattoos

Tattoo scabbing

If you have just got a new tattoo, it isn’t abnormal to develop some kind of scabbing in the first or second week into the healing of your new tattoo. When getting tattooed, several small needles are punctured thousands of times into the same spot of the skin, creating some sort of wound. The natural …
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Getting your feet tattooed

Getting feet tattoos can lead to extremely miserable situations. Not only during the tattooing, but also during the healing you can expect some suffering, pain and swelling. Although there is often not much to do than to wait, there are some things that you can keep in mind, to facilitate the process.   Choose the …
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Shop etiquette

Although more and more people want to get tattooed, fewer people seem to be concerned about should and shouldn’t be done in a tattooshop. One assumes too quickly that a tattoo shop is a place to hang out with all their friends, while an artist is using all his concentration when working on a tattoo. …
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Prepare for a tattoo

A tattoo is not done in just 2 seconds, the necessary preparation is needed to make the process go as comfortable as possible. Therefore, 15 tips to prepare you!   Hydrate yourself There is nothing as important as drinking enough. Drinking enough at least 24 hours before your tattoo has only benefits. First and foremost, …
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Tattoos during pregnancy

A pregnancy lasts, if everything goes according to the usual schedule, 9 months. For people who like tattoos, like me, 9 months are a lot of months to stay tattoo free. Even though it may seem that tattoos are harmless while pregnant, it is better to leave them for a while. To begin with, a …
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Reworks and cover ups

As I mentioned earlier in the post about tattoo trends, people have regrets about these kind of tattoos on a regular base. But this is not the only thing that people regret. I can hardly estimate how often I hear the words youth sin when it comes to unwanted tattoos. I am talking about, among other …
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Tattoos by guest artists

Many tattoo artists decide at a certain point in their career that they want to see more of the world than just the 4 walls of their tattoo shop. The luxury that a tattoo artist has, is that they don’t need much to tattoo in every shop in the world. In this way they can …
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Tattoo pain

Tattoos hurt. Period. People who claim they don’t hurt, are lying or have some fetish for pain. Every one’s thing, of course. How much pain a tattoo will cause depends on many factors. Personal pain tolerance. Some people can take pain more easily than others. Body composition. People with a lot of muscles will suffer …
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Color tattoos

If you are considering a tattoo in color, you probably still have a few questions about it. Below, I will sum up some important elements that you need to know about color tattoos.   Fading If your main concerns are the possible fading of your tattoos in the future, I can already tell you that …
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