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Getting your feet tattooed – The Tattooed Way

Getting your feet tattooed

Getting feet tattoos can lead to extremely miserable situations. Not only during the tattooing, but also during the healing you can expect some suffering, pain and swelling. Although there is often not much to do than to wait, there are some things that you can keep in mind, to facilitate the process.


Choose the right moment

When planning on getting tattoos on your feet, choosing the right moment can be crucial in facilitating healing. A foot is used several times a day and it is therefore logical to think that a wound (the tattoo of course) will not heal more easily if it is constantly experiencing friction, pressure and heat.

First of all, you should keep the season in mind. In winters, getting your feet tattoed may not be ideal since they’re covered in socks and shoes all time. This also ensures that the tattoo has no room to de-swell, cool down or breathe. On the other hand summers, although you often walk barefoot, will not be entirely ideal either, taking into account the fact that a new tattoo shouldn’t come into contact with dirt, sun or long bathings. In the summer it is usually always hot, which ensures that a swelling will also be harder to leave (everyone knows someone with swollen feet during the summer, and then he/she didn’t even get a tattoo yet). Spring and harvest are often seen as better suited periods, not too cold and not too hot.

Ideal are periods where you do not have to walk too often and have the availability to be much at home. Often, for example, I advise students to have their feet tattooed during the studying period of their exams. They then are often at home, they can often take off their shoes and feet can often be lifted. I always ask working people whether they can do so during a holiday period. After all, people with a sedentary profession will retain more fluid because they do not have enough blood circulation and people with a standing profession will retain more fluid by creating a constant pressure on their feet.


Do not underestimate feet

When tattooing feet, people rarely like the feeling of it. Should you therefore not have them tattooed, didn’t say that (I would always advice everyone to get fully covered in tattoos, it would make the world way more happy and colorful). There are a few aspects that can make tattoos on feet more painful.

The size is an important factor, the larger the tattoo is, the longer it will take, the more painful it will become. I also experience that people tend to find the tattoo more painful closer to the toes and closer to the sole of the foot.

The tattoo style is also crucial. Complex tattoos in color will of course take longer than simple geometric tattoos in blackwork. The more often details have to be added on one place and the longer it takes, the more painful it will become.

And finally, I notice that people who already have sensitive feet by nature (fast pain or tickle quickly) often have more problems on their feet, but that is of course super personal.

There aren’t infinite options

Most people do not have big / wide feet. So keep in mind that you will not be able to put a gigantic piece on your feet and not the same amount of details as this tattoo on your thigh. You should always discuss such matters first with your tattoo artist, who will have a better view of what is possible and what is not.


One is often enough

As I mentioned earlier, especially when choosing larger color tattoos, the process will often take a long time and may be painful. It is therefore often a better option to plan two appointments, one for each foot. You only have 2 feet so you will not know in advance how you will react to the feeling, so do not overestimate yourself. Anyway, an artist will tell you honestly if this is a better idea and so try not to be stubborn.

It is better to have your tattoos put one per one so that they heal properly, compared to wanting them done in one day no matter what, realizing afterwards that the healing doesn’t go well and you thus end up with less qualitative tattoos.


If you have to drive home, take someone with you

Sometimes a foot is very sensitive and swollen from the very first moment. Certainly if you have to drive back home, it may be more pleasant to take someone as a driver.

Consider swelling

Feet almost always swell after getting tattooed. As the last stop of your body, this is the ultimate gathering place for a beautiful fluid retention that may ensure that you can no longer walk. If you have already taken the timing into account, you can of course do other things to reduce the swelling.

Make sure that there is enough room for the swelling at all times. If not enough space is given to the feet, for example due to tight shoes, the swelling will not be able to escape and you will eventually develop a harder swelling.

Drink lots of water. In order to remove fluids from the body, enough has to be absorbed. So drink more water than you would otherwise.

Use ice. Ice is a good tool to prevent swelling. By putting ice on your feet in the evening (never on the spot of the tattoo and never directly on the skin, so use a towel or something appropriate for skin use), there will already be a lot of swelling going away and your skin will also cool down a lot.

Put your feet up as much as you can. This also ensures that the moisture can flow away from your feet and legs.


Hygiene is everything

Feet are close to the ground, this means that they are also close to dirt, bacteria and possible infections. Always make sure that you keep an eye on the healing of your feet and exclude all possible contamination risks. Certainly people with pets will have to be extremely careful. Sometimes a little hair can be enough to start an infection.

Always wear clean socks before you put on your shoes, rinse your feet regularly with cold / lukewarm water (this also provides cooling) to remove possible germs and always rub your tattoo with clean ointment after washed your hands properly.

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