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Shop etiquette – The Tattooed Way

Shop etiquette

Although more and more people want to get tattooed, fewer people seem to be concerned about should and shouldn’t be done in a tattooshop. One assumes too quickly that a tattoo shop is a place to hang out with all their friends, while an artist is using all his concentration when working on a tattoo.

This is a list of simple things that a tattoo artist expects of you if you walk into his shop.


Do enough research and know what you want

Unless you are willing to give the artist a carte blanch, which will let him choose the size, subject and execution of your tattoo without further interference, you should look for what you want in advance.

Look for references of what you have in mind, a tattoo artist cannot read thoughts and what is important for you. However, keep in mind that a good tattoo artist will not copy. So look up your examples as varied as possible, so that you can create a clear picture of what you like and do not like.

Next, look for a tattoo artist who performs the style you want. Don’t only look in your own city, unless you are lucky, you will often find your ideal tattoo artist a little further away from home.


Remember that each artist has a specific style

You can not be good at everything, that’s why tattoo artists choose to practice a certain style for 100%. If you contact a specific artist, he will expect you to like his style and he will expect you to want his style. Therefore, don’t ask for another style, it will most likely be rejected.

A good tattoo artist does not copy, he can always draw something in the same subject, but will always do this in his own style. Do not expect him to copy, you will not only be disappointed and probably will not get a tattoo after all. Above that, artists will not return any deposit if they have already drawn for you.


Save enough money in advance

A qualitative tattoo is not cheap. To get an idea of the price, you can always contact the artist in advance, but in any case it’s better to save too much than too little. A tattoo artist puts his heart and soul into every tattoo that he draws and sets, so he will expect that it won’t canceled because of lack of money. A tattoo is a luxury problem, so be realistic and do not make an appointment if it is not the right time.


Be open to ideas and don’t be too picky

A tattoo artist knows better what does and what doen’t go well on the round shapes of the body, so listen to his ideas and try to be open to possible changes of your own ideas. No artist will like to notice that his customer does not trust him, so only go to an artist if you trust him in the first place.

Also, an artist will not appreciate it if you doubt his skills. So do not try to point out which needle size you would like, which shade of red you want and how many millimeters large the drawing should be enlarged. If you trust the artist and like his portfolio, he will most likely also deliver a good tattoo without your advice.

Be on time, be patient and have no time limits

Arriving too late on a tattoo appointment can quickly result in the fact that your tattoo artist will give you a new appointment or him already losing his enthusiasm in the tattoo in advance. The artist makes time for you and will therefore also appreciate to get the respect of you arriving on time.

In addition, a tattoo is not done in 2 minutes. A stencil will have to be prepared, it will have to dry, the tattoo must be tattooed, the artist will possibly take breaks and afterwards he will take some extra time to properly photograph the tattoo. So make sure that you do not walk in in a stressed way, hoping to get rid of it as quickly as possible and prepare plenty of time off for the tattoo. A tattoo appointment can always end later, for whatever reason, and stressing your tattoo artist about the fact that you still have to go somewhere, will not help.


Prepare yourself well

Make sure you have washed yourself, you have eaten well, you are sufficiently hydrated, wear appropriate clothing and aren’t sick. The better you are prepared, the easier the tattooing process will pass.


Keep quiet

Whether it hurts or not, you have chosen to get a tattoo. So try to lie down as quiet as possible and do not give the tattoo artist any miserable situations. The more you move, the longer it will take and the more difficult it will become.

In addition, not all places can be tattooed if you move violently. Places such as ribs and sternum are extremely difficult to tattoo if you start to move. If the movement becomes too much for your artist, he will sometimes decide to add an extra session to finish the tattoo.


Be honest with the artist

Tell at any time about any medical conditions, medication or allergies. The more your artist knows about such matters, the more he can avoid difficult situations.

If you do not feel well while tattooing, please mention this on time. No tattoo artist likes to pick up his customers from the ground after they have fainted. At times it can be that your body reacts crazy to getting a new tattoo. This is not something you should be ashamed of, but it’s useful to tell.

Do not bring family, friends or children

A tattoo artist will always ask to lie down on the tattoo table alone, so there is no point in bringing your entire family or all of your friends as moral support. Often they will just have to wait alone, without being able to see anything.

Children also don’t really belong in a tattoo shop. Not only does a tattoo last a long time and not all children can keep quiet for so long. Above that a tattoo shop is full of objects that are not suitable for children. So make sure you arrange a babysit.


Respect your tattoo artist

Your tattoo artist is busy immortalizing a work of art on your body. Not every artist likes to talk while tattooing and many prefer to concentrate 100% on tattooing, so respect this too. Bring enough entertainment such as music or a book so that you can keep yourself busy if you can not do this with your tattoo artist.

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