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Prepare for a tattoo – The Tattooed Way

Prepare for a tattoo

A tattoo is not done in just 2 seconds, the necessary preparation is needed to make the process go as comfortable as possible. Therefore, 15 tips to prepare you!


Hydrate yourself

There is nothing as important as drinking enough. Drinking enough at least 24 hours before your tattoo has only benefits. First and foremost, you will have all your basic body functions to function according to your needs. You reduce the chance that you pass out during your tattoo and you reduce the chance that you walk out the tattooshop exhausted with a headache. Many are stressed for their tattoo and sweat harder than they normally do. Taking enough water with you on your appointment is therefore certainly also advised.

In addition to the better functioning of your body functions, your skin will also be more flexible if you are hydrated enough, so you experience less discomfort during tattooing and the ink will get better absorbed.

Take care of yourself

There is nothing as annoying for a tattoo artist to sit an entire tattoo session next to a smelly person. Have the least form of respect for your artist and wash yourself carefully before you go to your tattoo appointment.

Certainly regions such as feet, armpits and intimate places deserve extra attention if tattooed in the neighborhood or onto these spots.

You may assume that a tattoo artist will work a little faster if the smell is not pleasant.


Eat enough

Sufficient nutrition in your body means sufficient energy during the day. Eat a balanced meal before you get your tattoo. Choose slow carbohydrates instead of fast sugars so that you can enjoy the energy for more than half an hour. Also proteins will be very beneficial if you are working for a few hours.

Have you forgotten to eat? Then you will most likely feel weak quickly, you will soon feel like fainting and you will have to stop the tattoo session much faster.


Sleep enough

Just like the food, you take your energy out of your sleep. Even though you are extremely enthusiastic about the tattoo, go to bed on time and do not go to your tattoo appointment if you have just worked the entire night.


Take care of your skin

Taking care of your skin is certainly asked too much before a tattoo is done. Make sure you have not been burned the weeks before. Not only is there a high chance that your skin will start to peel during tattooing, which makes it extremely difficult for your tattoo artist, but in addition, the subcutaneous skin is often not completely healed, so the tattoo can start to feel way more painful. It is therefore possible that scar tissue will develop faster.

Also you better not plan a spray tan before a tattoo session. Not only will you end up with an odd, light spot on your tanned legs, you also make sure that your tattoo artist has more preparation work in advance.

No blood-thinning stuff

Do not take blood-thinning medicines such as alcohol, drugs and painkillers at least 24 hours in advance. Read more about this in my post: Drugs, alcohol and medication.


Wear suitable clothing

Take comfortable clothes to your appointment so that nothing is in the way during your tattoo appointment and afterwards. Read more about suitable clothing in my post: Appropriate clothing.


Take snacks

Especially during long tattoo sessions it is a good idea to bring extra snacks. At some point it may be that you begin to feel weaker and an extra portion of sugar can break through this moment.


Prepare your skin

moisturizing your skin in advance will, just like hydrating, make your skin smoother, making it less painful and easier for your skin to absorb the ink.

The tattoo artist will always shave the spot that will be tattooed before sticking the stencil. Especially with male legs it is advisable to do this in advance. Since the skin is not used to being shaved, there will be a rash and this may also irritate the tattoo harder. Anyway, your tattoo artist will always be grateful if you have already shaved in advance.


Take entertainment with you

Certainly during long sessions, waiting until the tattoo is finished in combination with the pain that the hours have brought, can become an annoying combination. So make sure you bring something like music, a magazine or a charged smartphone. Unless the place does not allow it, you will be able to set your mind onto something else.


Avoid caffeine

Not only will coffee and energy drinks ensure that your body gets too agitated before you start your tattoo so that you will experience everything more intensely, it will dilute your blood and make it harder to tattoo, just like with painkillers.

There are no benefits to the combination of caffeine and tattoos, so you better leave it for another moment.


Make sure you are on time

A tattoo artist with a waiting list always has a fixed schedule. Sometimes fifteen minutes late can ensure that the artist gets into trouble or loses his enthusiasm for the tattoo. If you are late due to unforeseen circumstances, please let him at least know by phone or message.


Bring enough money

Even if a price has already been agreed, always take more money with you. Due to unforeseen circumstances such as hard bleeding of your skin and therefore longer duration of the tattoo, you may also have to pay a bit more. You will also have to purchase aftercare and it is always nice to give your artist a tip.


Make sure you are free for the day

A tattoo is there for ever, so make sure you do not make other plans that one day. A tattoo can always take a little longer, for whatever reason. Do not mention in advance to your artist that you have to be somewhere at a certain hour, you will not only stress him out, you can bring the quality down because he has to work more quickly.


Plan your healing

The healing is just as important or even more important than putting the tattoo on. If you have the opportunity, it is always nice to take a few days off at work, especially for more difficult places such as feet, armpits and knees. If you find it difficult to touch the tattooed spot, for example on your back, make sure you inform someone who can help you with the aftercare.

Do not plan any vacations for at least 2 weeks, since you will have to avoid sun, swimming and dirt anyway.

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