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Tattoo trends – The Tattooed Way

Tattoo trends

We all know someone who walks around with a ridiculous tattoo and usually regrets it. Besides names of exes and childish subjects, it often concerns trends of a certain period that are now completely out of fashion.

In the nineties, tattoo trends were often very exuberant, I am talking about the tribals, barbed wire bands and fancy tramp stamps with a way too small rose in the middle. In addition, it was also regularly done to put a small tattoo on a spot way too big for this kind of tattoos, such as a dolphin in the middle of the upper arm. However, these days tattoos were seen as they were mainly meant for bikers and criminals in the older generation’s head, so most people got them in secret. Nowadays, most people who still has a tattoo like this will get it covered or removed, often they are ashamed of it and cover it as much as they can.

To put it briefly, this loses the full function of tattoos, namely having a nice addition on your body.

Although people nowadays laugh with tribals from the 90s, it seems as if many have not learned from this yet. Even today people follow trends, coming from Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook and think they are original by taking this. Well guess what, the fact that you found it on the internet makes it far from original.

At the end of the day the tattoo is on your body, not mine, so I’m not here to judge. However, I will always have my doubts when people tell me there is so much meaning behind this tattoo which 1 million other people probably have.

In comparison with the tribals of the 90s, current tattoo trends are often a lot less bombastic. I am talking about infinity signs, swallows, geometric figures etc. Do not get me wrong, if you have such a tattoo. I say it again, everyone does with his body what he or she wants, yet I often see people returning with such tattoos to get them covered.

Nowadays, trends are supported by 2 elements. First they check social media to see what other tattoos have, they suppose that if someone else has this tattoo, it will be accepted easier by other people. On the other hand the society teaches us that all tattoos must have a meaning, otherwise it is useless and ugly. That combination gives you people who get triangles tattooed because it is a trend, and give it a meaning (you can not imagine how much meaning a triangle suddenly has) because it will then become socially acceptable.

My personal theory about tattoo trends (but I am not a psychologist or anything like that, so it is only a theory) is that people are insecure. In this world everyone dresses the same, we take neutral hair styles and we follow our education as they have been told for generations. We are taught that we must study, find a partner, marry, make children and die as a meaningless sheep without making too much noise or whining. If beside this life plan someone does want to stand out a little more, most pick tattoos in a way that will be accepted as much as possible. If they have already seen it on social media, it means that it is already on someone’s body and was accepted. If you are then so resourceful to give it a meaning, nobody can say anything about it.

However, when people are a little bit further in their lives, most start to realize that although we do learn all these norms and values, you ultimately end up alone, you have to make yourself happy and that in the end, few will stand behind you. Is it really necessary to have a tattoo that is the same as what thousands of others have? No. Whether the tattoo has significance or not, in the end you will be satisfied for the longest with those that were designed by your artist in his style, with your personal idea, without following fashion trends. Fashion is fashion. At one time or another there will become a different fashion trend, this is so with clothing, hairstyles and also with tattoos. You replace clothes and hairstyles, but tattoos will remain.

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