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Color tattoos – The Tattooed Way

Color tattoos

If you are considering a tattoo in color, you probably still have a few questions about it. Below, I will sum up some important elements that you need to know about color tattoos.



If your main concerns are the possible fading of your tattoos in the future, I can already tell you that the biggest factor is how you take care of it yourself. If you are someone who uses solaria every week, who is going to the sun on holiday to lie down at the pool the whole and who uses every sunbeam to rub yourself with solar oil to tan faster, I can assure you that your tattoo will start to fade in no time. If, on the other hand, you rub your tattoo with a factor 50 and you’re not that sun loving person, your tattoo will probably still look neat in 20 years.

The lighter the ink pigments are, the easier they will fade, especially when exposed to the sun. Certainly white fades extremely fast and will therefore rarely or never be used in a tattoo unless when adding highlights. Only people who take care of their tattoo as mentioned by the artist the first 2 weeks and who take care of it afterwards, will be able to enjoy the light ink pigments for a long time.

However, don’t make yourself any illusions. No pigment, even black, will keep nice if you do not take care of your tattoo and keep exposing it to the sun.

Laser removal

If you are getting tattooed, most people aren’t thinking about getting it removed in the near future. However, due to several reasons, people get their tattoos removed on a daily basis by laser removal. Some pigments are easier to remove than other pigments. It will be the easiest to remove black and blue shades and it will be the most difficult to remove yellow, green and orange pigments.


Healing period

Tattoos in color generally need a bit more time to heal compared to tattoos in black & gray or undeclared work. This is of course not illogical. When putting a tattoo in color is often as good as the entire surface filled in and was often repeatedly worked on the same piece, in the building of the colors. Often a tattoo in color also takes longer than in black & gray or undeclared work. All together, it creates a more intense wound that will also need to heal longer.

An accurate care as prescribed by the tattoo artist and the use of the correct care ointment will naturally ensure that everything heals as nicely as any other tattoo.


Skin tones

People with light skin tones will have no trouble choosing a tattoo in color. Since the light skin gives a high contrast to the different colors, it will be most definitely a success.

People with a darker skin tone can best discuss with their tattoo artist which colors which colors would be better on their skin and which not in advance. Sometimes, with very dark skins, the only pigment which would provide enough contrast would be black. After all, it does not make sense to invest work, time and money in colors that will ultimately not be visible.

Allergic reactions

If you have already looked up some information about color tattoos, you will most probably also have noticed that this can sometimes trigger allergic reactions. Most allergic reactions of tattoos are caused by red and yellow shades, they may contain traces of heavy metals like nickel. In addition to red and yellow, it is of course also possible to be allergic to other colors.

However, it is very difficult to decide in advance whether you will react allergic to certain ink. Each ink is composed differently and it may even be that you react to one shade of red and not to another shade of red. Who already knows in advance to be allergic to certain metals such as nickel (you often then have a reaction to cheap jewelry), it is of course advisable to mention this to his artist. This way unwanted scenarios can already be excluded.

The hard thing about tattoos is that it is not really possible to determine in advance whether you will react allergic or not. You can do a test by putting a dot in advance, it is far from accurate and most tattoo artists will not perform it. Firstly, a dot contains very little ink, so it may be that you only react allergic to larger quantities. Also, a reaction is not always visible from the first moment. Sometimes this only occurs after a few years or when exposed to a period of sun. It is also possible that you have a few tattoos without problems and only then start developing an allergic reaction.

Does this mean that you better not have a tattoo done in color? Didn’t say that. Choosing a tattoo shop which is hygienic and has good reviews can already be a huge advantage. Nowadays strict rules are imposed on the production of tattoo ink and if your tattoo artist does not buy cheap ink, the risk will also decrease considerably to develop an allergic reaction. In addition, if you do get any reaction in the end, this does not mean that your arm will have to be amputated. Often, simple solutions such as greasing with bio oil are enough to soften the reaction

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