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Tattoos during pregnancy – The Tattooed Way

Tattoos during pregnancy

A pregnancy lasts, if everything goes according to the usual schedule, 9 months. For people who like tattoos, like me, 9 months are a lot of months to stay tattoo free. Even though it may seem that tattoos are harmless while pregnant, it is better to leave them for a while.

To begin with, a lot changes in your body while you are pregnant. Suddenly you can react differently to certain substances and it is even possible that you suddenly start to react allergic to certain things that you wouldn’t otherwise have problems with. So this means you can also suddenly react very differently to a tattoo. The healing process can act different and you can suddenly react differently to the cream that you have always used before. In addition, the skin changes drastically of many pregnant women. Not only can the ink be adopted by the skin in a different way, there are also places on the body such as the abdomen and the breasts that will stretch a lot during pregnancy. Knowing that the ink of a new tattoo always needs some time to settle down, the time between tattooing and skin stretching will most likely not be enough to make the tattoo look equally good after the pregnancy. So you will have a tattoo more, but the quality will most likely not be the same.

A tattoo is always partially broken down and absorbed by the lymph system, the system that tries to make sure that you do not get sick. Knowing that the fetus is always connected to the mother during pregnancy, particles of the tattoo can also reach the fetus. Although the tattoo inks used these times are harmless for an adult, it does not mean that a fetus of just a few grams or kilograms needs this amount of substances in its tiny little body.

In addition, a very large part of your physical energy goes to the growth of your baby while being pregnant. As a mother, priority is to put a big, healthy baby on the world. A tattoo also requires a huge amount of energy from your body. During the setting of a tattoo, the body experiences this as a voluntary torture and ensuring that your body does not resist this, demands an enormous amount of energy. You will not only be a lot more tired after a tattoo, you will probably not be able to take the pain as long as you would normally. In addition, the healing will also require energy from your body and the tattoo will heal worse and take much longer before the skin is completely healed. Anyway, this also will ensure that the quality of the healed tattoo will be lower compared to tattoos taken outside of your pregnancy.

This reduced energy level and possibly reduced immune system during your pregnancy will also provide easy access to possible infections from outside. Your are easily getting tired and sick. The wound formed during your tattoo is therefore easy access for infection mechanisms to enter your body. This isn’t only detrimental for your tattoo, but also for your baby. It is not because an infection is not harmful to you, that it can not be harmful to your baby. I therefore think it is an honest opinion when I say that it is not worthy to lose your baby or give a abnormality because you couldn’t wait until the 9 months were up.

Finally, if you have decided to have a tattoo done during your pregnancy anyway, most shops will refuse this. No decent tattoo artist would want to risk something for you and / or your baby. In addition, if you go to an inferior shop that doesn’t refuse this, the question is whether the shop is suitable for your tattoo. Does this shop use clean material? Vulnerable to infections during your pregnancy, it is the last thing you want to receive an infection such as Hepatitis B via dirty material.

As I said earlier in this article, I know the struggle. Almost a year without tattoos can be a pain in the ass. On the moment I’m writing this, I am 4.5 months pregnant and haven’t had any tattoos in 7 months. I would take every reason as a good one to have a tattoo, but for the health of myself and my baby, it is now no priority for me to take risks for something that I can do without risks in a few months.

2 thoughts on “Tattoos during pregnancy”
  1. Wat met zwanger zijn zonder dat je het weet? Je kan moeilijk elke week een pregnancy test doen, zeker niet als je gewoon birth control neemt (toegegeven ik vergeet er af en toe wel eens eentje). Ik ben nu al aant stressen over mijn tattoo van febuari ‘sebiet ben ik zwanger, en dan moet ik afbellen . of ik weet het nie, sowieso maar een test doen’ hahaha

    1. Er kunnen altijd ongelukjes gebeuren dat je het niet weet, maar zeker in die prille beginfases kunnen infecties en dergelijke cruciaal zijn voor de verdere verloop van de zwangerschap en eventueel een vroegtijdige miskraam opwekken… Beter het zekere voor het onzekere pakken denk ik dan 😀

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