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Introducing myself – The Tattooed Way

Introducing myself

If you haven’t had a tattoo done by me, haven’t got any plans to do this or aren’t following me on Instagram yet, you probably have never heard of me. Understandable, since, although I am seen as an extravagant, tattooed and pierced woman in my daily life, I am actually a workaholic with a great love for her husband (and work partner). I am currently 23 years old, I am pregnant with our first child and I am the happiest woman on this planet.

I started my young adult life studying medicine. 3 years ago I chose for a complete turnaround in my life and after I stopped my studies, I chose to become a tattoo artist. So far this was the best decision of my life. As a tattoo artist I have flourished completely and I have fully come to know myself, appreciate myself and strive every day to make something good happen. I never thought I could find so much pleasure and satisfaction in my work.

With this blog I want to take a look at all aspects that you need to know before you get tattooed or want to learn how to tattoo.

Do you have nice ideas for themes, please let me know!

To follow my artistic social media:

Instagram : Arlovahtattoo

Facebook : Arlovah Tattoo

Email : info@thetattooedmommy.com

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